photographing children is it illegal ?

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photographing children is it illegal ?

Hello I need some advice perhaps you can help.

I was out and about taking some pictures and 2 kids came along on bikes so I took a picture they asked why I took a picture and I responded with I am just taking pictures no real reason. I was just taking pictures of the local public park. It was snowing and I thought the photo would look nice.

About 10 minutes later they came back and asked me to delete the image I refused they went on to say it is illegal for you to take pictures of children. After I had said I can take pictures of any thing I want. Then one girl got her phone out and called the police the women on the phone asked me to delete the picture I complied with what she said as I was not sure on what the law says I was taken back a bit.

It felt I was being accused of doing some thing wrong. The boy later started calling me a fagot which really was upsetting. I cant stop thinking about this and feel a bit angry maybe I should have told them where to go but I was unsure and am worried if this could affect working with kids in employment in the future.

I live in the UK and I was wondering since your professionals on here what do you think. I have done some research and it turns out from what I have read its not illegal to take pictures of kids but it does seem to be a bit of a grey area. Are we getting to a point where people think every one is a paedophile when taking a picture.

I would appreciate your input regards


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