I despise my 2017 MacBook Pro

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Re: Someone didn't do his homework.

riveredger wrote:

Actually, the OP was very targeted in his commentary about the keyboard issue in the OP. You brought out the worst in him with your holier than thou posts.

It is also my take is that the OP is primarily dissatisfied with the keyboard, with the dongle issue being important but lower down on his list of gripes.  I am in the same boat as he. . .

I'm not surprised that some people are able to eventually adjust to the current keyboard. We humans are very adaptable!  But I personally find the keyboard to be just one (short) step above typing on an iPad display. I can do it in a pinch but I don't like it. . . I have a portable Bluetooth keyboard for typing on my iPad. That $20 keyboard is preferable to the MBP keyboard, something I never thought I would find myself saying. . .

As for JC, I have placed him on my ignore list.  That's the path of least resistance and I doubt that he will miss me any more than I will miss him. . .  

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