Canon abandons 'master' and 'slave', other issues

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Canon abandons 'master' and 'slave', other issues

For grins, I downloaded the manual for Canon's new 470ex-ai, and there's this on page 4:

In this manual, the words “master” and“slave” used in previous manuals have all been replaced by the words “sender” and “receiver” respectively. Read the words “sender” and “receiver” in this manual for the above meanings as necessary.

It seems Canon will be using this verbiage for all future flash products.

IMO, this is a bit silly, as with radio operations both units transmit and receive but the master/servant relationship holds.

Also, I found that, for the 470ex-ai, Canon is already abandoning cameras released before second half of 2014, and the distance measurement function is not available for cameras released before second half of 2017. I think a firmware release could correct this but since they have printed this in their manual it seems they are not planning any such upgrade.

I just don't understand this. They are going to get roasted in the press, and by angry people who have the latest high-end DSLR who can't use the product the way they want.

Edit: The 6D2 works fully with this, bit it's the only 'high-end' DSLR that does.

I put this in Studio and Lighting 'cos it seemed appropriate. If anyone thinks it should be somewhere else, I have no objections.

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