Converting Bedroom into Photobooth

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Converting Bedroom into Photobooth

Hi Everyone,

I'm a noob with a bunch of camera and lighting gear I've accumulated over the years with the intention of shooting youtube videos. Recently my sister is getting married and I've been tasked with setting up a photo booth for her wedding. I am not a photographer so forgive any dumb questions I have. First I will start with the gear I'm using, then explain my current setup, then will ask some questions I have.


  • Canon 70D @F2.8, 1/125, auto ISO
  • Sigma 18-35mm ART lens
  • This light studio
  • This video light
  • This ikea laptop desk
  • This green screen
  • A 23" monitor so subject can see themselves
  • Macbook Pro
  • dslrbooth Pro


I'm setup in a small bedroom

My laptop desk and camera is as far back to the wall as I can go

Right light has 5 CCFL and I switch 2 and 1 on for total of 3 bulbs which auto ISO sets to 640, if I use 1 bulb it sets to 1000 ISO, if I use 4 bulbs I get 400 ISO. Not sure what combination to use for this light. I only have 3 and I'm using to to light the green screen. The combination of these two softboxes is so bright that some green is bouncing off the screen on to the back wall. Not sure if I should use this light on the green screen or use it as a fill and the left light to light screen. If I use it as a fill how many bulbs do I use?

This is the hair light i'm using as a key light. It's weak with 1 CCFL

Monitor setup so subject can see themselves. Video LED light on top of camera. Is it ok to use this or should I just use built in flash?

Good view of light coverage on green screen.

So I light my green screen with two softboxes and have one key light in the back but no fill light. Should i by another softbox for fill light or can I get away with what I have? I can borrow another light from someone if I have to.

I haven't testing this new configuration yet. My previous configuration was using 10-18mm at F5.6 with dslrphotobooth and was getting really bad light bleed and green screen distortion on selected background. I have yet to test this new configuration described.

Any tips on shutter, aperture, ISO, and any way to improve my lighting setup or configuration described here? Also has anyone used dslrphotobooth software? Did I make a bad decision? Thanks for your help!

Canon EOS 70D
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