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jms3257 wrote:

Have been looking for a good used 1dx2 at a good price, but so far no such luck. Have found several 1dx at a decent price. Question is would I be better to keep looking for mkII or just get the older 1dx.

I will be using this for hs sports and if good enough maybe move up to collage level. Currently using a 6d mkII and 80D (mostly for daytime) Looking to mostly improve high ISO shooting such as basketball and football shooting.

Thank You

Both are great, highly capable cameras, I have taken more than 1 million sports images with each. To me the biggest win that the 1DX2 has over the 1DX is the anti-flicker feature. If you've ever had to photography under flickering/cycling lights, the results can be horrible, and sometime can't even be fixed in post processing. I've taken photos when the lights are cycling between a red cast and a green case, and have had one side of my subject green and the other red.

In anti flicker mode the 1DX2 almost completely eliminates the uneven color and exposure of cycling/flickering lights. That feature alone can improve the image quality so much, that its worth the price of the upgrade alone. I've shot next to shooters without anti-flicker and their images look like amateur hour compared to mine, the improvement is that dramatic.

If you never shoot under flickering lights, then the 1DX is the one to get if you are looking for the best bang for your buck.

The other thing the 1DX2 has is 4K video.  I don't use it so that doesn't do anything for me.  YMMV.

By the way, I picked up my second 1DX2 directly from CanonUSA Reburbished website for $4200 complete with a 1 year warranty during a sale. Its a good place to get an 1DX as well, but you have to wait for availability and sales to get the best deal. Canonpricewatch.com can alert you reburbished gear being available as well as when they are on sale.


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