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Re: Home-made gimbal head

JohnBailey wrote:
David & MarkE >


I'll definitely email for info. I don't understand the pictures, but
I'm no engineer. BTW, I use my tcon17 on the end of the b300s
to capture small birds in my yard about 15~20 ft away.

It's quite a challange to manage focus, exposure, noise and

But I'm having fun. I can sometimes use the e10/b300s handheld
in good light.


As I have previously indicated, the design of the homemade gimbal is an ongoing project. In response to some questions about loading and flexing, I have returned to the initial design and tinkered somewhat. On the first gimbal, the outer bracket was of 3/16" steel stock; the inner bracket was 1/8" steel stock. I headed to the hardware store today and bought an 8" bracket for the inner bracket. This bracket is also 3/16" steel stock. Rhis permited me to enlarge the stainless steel screw/bolt for the pivot from a 1/4" bolt to a 5/16" bolt. While the initial design was certainly sturdy enough for the bazooka, it might not have sufficed for shooters of other systems. Now with both brackets of 3/16" stock and a larger bolt for the pivot, the loading factor has been increased and flexing all but eliminated. As a bonus, I was able to locate a bakelite control knob (a T-bar) that was threaded for 5/16", so I now have a nice oversized knob for adjusting the pivot tension instead of the previous wingnut. This will simplify adjusting tension, particularly in inclement or cold weather (with gloves on?). I will finish painting tomorrow and forward another photo to Mark for posting.

I also have ordered a Bogen 3471 adjustable QR mount to replace the Sima QR mount, in the hope that the adjustable QR plate will permit a neutral balance that is level. This is the same adjustable QR mount that comes on the Bogen gimbal mount that Mark bought, and should provide adequate adjustment parameters. The thicker bracket should permit this change without flexing. I will post information on this development when I install same, although I may not get the information out for awhile as I am scheduled for a trip to the Tetons and Yellowstone for a photographic outing next week. This should provide an acid field test of the gimbal and pinpoint any necessary design changes. I'm taking along several miscellaneous parts (my camera bag looks like a shopping bag from a hardware store) so I can try adjustments as I see fit.

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