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I was going to bring up color. I admittedly dont have a lot of experience with babies, but Ive photographed a couple including one newborn. Getting the riggt skin tone was an unexpected nightmare in post. The baby either looked like she was dead - literally, or she looked like she had severe jaundice, and then too magenta. She was in a small room with a lot of different wood reflecting and other blueish tones from the sofa. I usually dont spend too much time nailing down WB during the shoot bc I shoot RAW and can fix in post, but if I ever take another shot at a newborn, Im 100% gonna be trying to get it nailed in there...and def do what I can to prevent any non neutral ambiant tones. I almost shared the very 1st one I processed, but its embarrasing. The one time I broke my rule of letting photos sit for at least a few hours and looking with fresh eyes, and it was BAD. Real BAD. I went to finish processing the next morning and immediately said, ohhh NOOO. What did I do!?!? I delivered a baby photo that looked like a dead baby.

Some simple solutions to newborn skin tones, especially very newborn shots where the skin reflects the trauma and realities of birth with mottled blue and purple skin, etc

artsy black and whites

sepiatone treatments



Hi, those are nice photos for keepsake but I would not give any of these photos to paying clients. All of the photos have distracting elements in them and have limbs cut-off and poor composition. My advice for anyone who is not comfortable doing themselves, have experience doing this before or wants to have a photo to hang on the wall or have a "classic" portrait look to find someone who does it "professionally" if you can afford it.


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