I don't think W10 phone is dead (yet)

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Artichoke wrote:

mithras123 wrote:

Yes I saw that Nokia has new phones on the market and it runs with Android, it's a shame how this big company became so unappeling after the start of the smartphone era. But I still remember when I was a kid how nokia was doing on the phone market. Now they are few persons who are intersted in Nokia, all of them are in Iphone, Samsung and Huawei. It's a shame

Apple & Android are both inferior both in hardware & OS to MS's offerings, from my experience

they emphasize marketing & have dominated markets because of this, which reflects to shallow interests of the markets

this is sad, but reflects changes in market emphasis

hopefully good will rise, but I remember what happened to Sony's Betamax

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You are right they have better products than Apple and Samsung. Hope the market will change.

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