The GX9 is clearly a GX85 upgrade

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Re: The GM5 evf is field sequential

SidSnot wrote:

Tom Caldwell wrote:

SidSnot wrote:

GM5 evf is not a sequential field unit and it can be used with Polaroid glasses, unlike GX80/85

Oh, I stand corrected - I just assumed that as it was small then it must be field sequential - I apologise.

But .....

[Edit] Just to make sure I read the dpreview review of the GM5.

Page 2 under Body & Design and just after the last illustration it states:

”GM5 viewfinder is 1.16 mp 800x458” and is “field sequential”

Presumably it is not the field sequential evf that is the issue with polaroid sunglasses.

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Tom Caldwell

Tom I now stand corrected and apologise...

I am surprised about my GM5 EVF being a sequential model as I am normally very prone to noticing this effect (similar to the strobe effect I see when viewing a DLP projector) and I did notice the effect when trying out a GX85 at Ted's.

I just don't see it with my GM5 - I wonder if it runs at a higher frequency or something?

Actually it was the GX85 EVF colour strobing and the lack of a clear view in general, plus a large blacked out centre spot when using Polaroids that stopped me buying a GX85.

So glad I have stayed with my GM5 - nothing to touch it IMHO...

Maybe the very small evf on the GM5 “corrects” the issue by making it too small to be clearly seen  Anyway in may case and somethng like 85% of respondants seem to have no issues or minor issues that they are willing to overlook in practice.  Therefore the evf in the GX9 will hardly dent the sales as those with an issue with it were surely avoiding it by the GX85 - unless they were nuts as well as vociferous.

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Tom Caldwell

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