Best beginner camera for night time cityscapes

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Re: Which camera for YOU .... Michael ???

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I would get the Nikon D3400 with kit lens brand new at $499. It's a no brainer. APS-C sensor so pretty good in low light. Kit lens is better than average for a kit lens, and it has vibration reduction, so can be hand held with longer night exposures.

How are you going to hand hold a 10 second exposure?

Sensor ranks very high by DXOMark and

Night cityscapes are done on tripods with the mirror locked up and VR turned off.


It depends on what you are trying to accomplish. You can do plenty of handheld night shots without a tripod, and 10 second exposures.

The OP said he wants to do night cityscapes.

Please show me a night cityscape shot with a shutter speed below one second.

Include EXIF data please.


Start with post 2, and keep going down the thread. Geez!

To the OP, sorry we have so many people here who just like argue, and give out false information. We have a lot of people on DP Review who think the only camera people should buy is the one they own, or the brand they own. Some people even say outright "I promote" this camera. I don't know who is paying them. I don't own a D3400, but I think is a good choice for the purpose you have at your price point. I've recommended other cameras to other people for their particular purposes.

Well, I agree that the D3xxx can indeed do night-cityscapes.

But most ANY camera can, (even a full-"auto" camera if it has EC/EV compensation).

It is not really a big deal but you do need a TRIPOD, (unless you want to shoot at high-ISO w/ noise but no light "streaks" from cars).

But the D3xxx does not even have auto-BRACKETING which I would consider a minimum requirement for "correct" exposures.

And the suggestion of the Olympus (w/ live "composite"), is a unique suggestion for his specific request. But not sure he can get camera/lens/TRIPOD for $500.

And the FZ-1000 can be had for

I (often) suggest the FZ-1000 because it is truly also UNIQUE as the ONLY camera w/ combination of "continuous" zoom range sufficient for most people, (close-focusing 25-400mm-EFL + digital-zoom to 3200mm-EFL), a FULLY-articulating LCD for additional shooting positions, and "LEAF" shutter w/ 1/4000s flash-sync, (for SUN-light fill to 17+' and ability to darken-backgrounds), "Hand-Held NIGHT-shot" mode, remote view/adjust/expose from cell-phone app. It is arguably the most "versatile" camera available today, especially @ (new)

You suggest the FZ1000 because you care about price and convenience over quality.

It is indeed only a 1" sensor, but there have been many posts, (albeit in Pana forum), where former users of Canon & Nikon find their FZ is SHARPER and BETTER than their former Canon / Nikon.

So I suggest the "quality" comment can't be proven.

Canon/Nikon what? Current dslr, bridge camera?

You also have a psychological need to justify your purchase and to be proven right.

This is a "beginners" forum ... and I personally feel that ANY "MirrorLess" is better for most beginners, and a FIXED lens can often be better, (especially when they can allow much further SUN-light fill-flash).

If somebody were to ask which camera is good for a beginner, then suggesting a mirrorless camera would be appropriate. Where you cross the line you is that you never recommend your camera, you try to sell it; in ever single post you make regardless if it is one topic. When people do not agree with you, you plead with them to reconsider. That is over the top

Please do go go and provide the photos you keep posting as proof over and over again.

Most of those photos could NOT be done SOOC by most dSLR's.

Most photos? That is absurd. Besides SOOC is a concept today advocated by old school photographers who do not know how to post process. In the film days, photographers used all sort of dark room techniques and filters to make their photos more artistic or visually appealing. Where these photographers inferior? No they were superior. In the digital age all photographers must learn at least the basics of post processing.

You are like the parent that has an average looking child but is convinced they have the most beautiful child.

Maybe I DO have the "most beautiful child" ...

No your child is average.

I even saw a post were you begged another poster and owner of an FZ1000 from another forum section to come here and "help" you out.

Yep ... I could use some help here ... I am the only one who is as familiar with it here.

This is a photography forum. This is not a war.

People (LIKE YOU) laugh at it when you have no experience with it.

I do not laugh at the FZ1000. I laugh at fan boys of the FZ1000.

I challenge you to suggest another camera with MORE OPTIONS & FEATURES, (and at that price range) ???

There are people who enjoy spending money on their hobby in order to get better quality photos. You do not know were the person's interest in photography will lead him. They may want to do Macro (where detail is very important) or they may want to photograph birds (where fast AF is important). They may want to shoot landscapes with high dynamic range (where recovering shadow detail is important). Do not give me how your camera has an HDR feature. Most cameras including cell phones do. Even with my crop sensor camera I can expose for highlights and bring up the shadows in post with little noise. Besides your HDR feature is in JPEG. You cannot do much post processing with JPEGS

So a QUESTION for YOU Michael ...

Would YOU spend $500 for a very "limited" camera/lens, (that may indeed do your specific request),

OR ...

Would you spend the same $500 for the most VERSATILE camera on the market, (and that has "*HandHeld-NIGHT-shot_"_ mode that may indeed produce BETTER night-time exposures because it is a "stacking*" program to reduce noise) ???

NONE of the above changes the FACT that the FZ-1000 could be adequate camera for night-time cityscapes, (w/ MANY more options & features than possible w/ D3xxx).

While the Nikon D3400 is even more capable.

It has a bigger sensor ... that is the ONLY "more-capable it has.

It is more capable because it produces better IQ photos.

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