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A shift perspective.

Thought I would throw this in here because shift came up in the thread. It is an edit of a previous post.

If you have ever used a projector pointed up then raised it so it is parallel to the screen you may have noticed how shift works.

The problem is caused by the angle of the sensor in relation to the subject.

Shift lenses have a focal length rated for a single shot. The angle is wider than that. At the rear they project wider so there won't be a curved shadow across the sensor when the lens is shifted. Essentially they work by cropping out part of a wider view.

An easy cure in some cases is to keep the camera closer to parallel by backing off or using a wider angle lens and shooting off center. Then crop out the unwanted part. Resolution as pixel count is lost but there is no uneven smearing from perspective correction. This is similar to a shift lens, a crop from an off center wide view.

Shifting will mess up the foreground when shooting panoramas as the lens is moved.

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