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Chaplain Mark, a quick question. Since you're shooting Canon cameras, have you tried their "Digital Photo Professional" software?

If it gave you acceptable RAW results, you could then move on to Affinity (was $40 now $50) or OnOne Effects (free) or ACDSee Photo Editor (was $30, now $60. Ouch!) or Paintshop Pro X9 ($30) or Topaz Studio (free) or Adobe PS Elements or etc, etc, etc for additional editing if needed.

I didn't compare them in my test above, but for RAW developing there are two good OpenSource options: Lightzone and RawTherapee. I have used them both in the past and am reasonably confident they each work better than Affinity's RAW developing.


Canon's Digital Photo Professional 4 is the first RAW editor I ever tried. I liked DPP4, but found it to be a real resource hog on my computer.

Loading any file to edit, either RAW or JPEG, locked up the program pretty badly, taking several minutes to load. Then, when making edits, the computer would need about 30 seconds of processing time before the display would show the changes.

Affinity Photo runs just fine, by contrast (pun intended.)

I was just curious. Never used it myself. In fact when I tried, Canon wouldn't even let me download it because I didn't have serial number from a qualifying camera.

Nikon downloads, on the other hand, are unrestricted.

At some point in the future, a more powerful computer might be in the cards, but for now my humble laptop will just have to suffice.

A beefy computer would run DPP4 just fine, methinks....

One thing that is missing in Affinity, would be a DAM, which DPP4 does nicely.

Back when I was using Canon p&s cameras (in addition to my Nikon DSLR), the Canon Zoom Browser software completely fulfilled my DAM needs, ie, it transferred image files from the camera and put them in folders.

I remember Zoom Browser EX came bundled with a Canon printer I had purchased,  but I never used the software...never knew what it was for.

Silly me.....😁😁

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