Best beginner camera for night time cityscapes

Started Feb 22, 2018 | Questions thread
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Re: Best beginner camera for night time cityscapes

You are getting some awful advice here.  If your primary goal is night photography, you want the largest sensor you can afford, so your images have as low noise and best color as possible.  The big sensors gather more light.  There is not debating that.

Full frame (35mm) is out due to your budget constraints, even used.  Next up would be APS-C.  The contenders are Canon T6, Nikon D3400, Fuji X-A5, and Sony A6000.  Only the Nikon D3400 is in your budget of $500, and has an excellent sensor and decent kit lens.  The others are close.  The Sony A6000 $649 kit lens is not as sharp, and has no image stabilization if you want to do handheld work, so I would take that one out.  The Canon $549 is only 18 MP and pretty noisy at high ISO, so you may want to take that one out.  The Fuji X-A5 $599 has no viewfinder, so that may be out for you.

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