On chip Phase Detect on the next EM-5 III?

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On chip Phase Detect on the next EM-5 III?

Would you like to see on chip Phase Detection AF on the upcoming EM-5 III?

I have both EM-1 I and EM-5 II and when I was shooting some kite surfers (my first time to shoot a fast face sports) a while back, I found out that my EM-5 II is not up to par with the older EM-1 I. I had better keepers on the EM-1.

EM-1 I have 37 cross type PDAF

EM-1 II have 121 cross type PDAF

The EM-5 being in the middle of the EM Series, do you think it's about time Oly put PDAF on the camera? I don't even mind same number of cross type as on the EM-1 I or half the number compared to the EM-1 II just as long they implement PDAF on the next EM-5.

For me, Oly can keep the EM-5 xxx same as the current II version as long as they incorporate the PDAF on the latest sensor to be use on the next EM-5.

What do you think?

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