Best beginner camera for night time cityscapes

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Re: 10-second HAND-held ... NO WAY !!!

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I would get the Nikon D3400 with kit lens brand new at $499. It's a no brainer. APS-C sensor so pretty good in low light. Kit lens is better than average for a kit lens, and it has vibration reduction, so can be hand held with longer night exposures.

How are you going to hand hold a 10 second exposure?

Sensor ranks very high by DXOMark and

Night cityscapes are done on tripods with the mirror locked up and VR turned off.


It depends on what you are trying to accomplish. You can do plenty of handheld night shots without a tripod, and 10 second exposures.

Oh PLEASE ... GET SERIOUS ... 10-second HAND-held ... NO WAY !!!

It would have to be "braced" some-way, (therefore the equivalent of "tripod").

I could have been clearer here. You don't need to do 10 second exposures unless you are trying to get some special effect. Just look at the images on this thread. Why are you telling beginners to do 10 second exposures?

Well, I didn't suggest any exposure/time ... but if you want (car) light "streaks" -- 10+ seconds may indeed be necessary.

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