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Re: Image stabilization question 7DII

In an earlier post here I described how IS works with a tripod or better, why it's not supposed to work.

There is more... another explanation:

'The stabiliser is designed to compensate for the motion of a typical hand-held camera. This will include a particular range of frequencies of the hand-held camera, as well as the damping of motion as it is gripped in the hands.

On a tripod, any motion will be at a different frequency (BlGr: than with a hand-hold camera) and the damping will be different. Under certain circumstances, an initial tiny movement of the camera on a tripod could trigger a compensating motion from the stabilisation system, which could set the entire system (camera, lens and tripod) into oscillations.''

Here is another explanation of an electronic designer and professional engineer

''An analog electronic system is liable to have electronic 'drift" caused by offset (error) voltages in the electronic systems and components. While these can be compensated for in complex systems they generally are too small to matter in typical use. When a perfect tripod is used the drift voltages may accumulate until the apparent position crosses some boundary and is then reset. This may lead to the image position being stepped by a small amount occasionally with a frequency related to the drift rate. When true mechanical movement is present it dominates.'' – Russell McMahon Dec 20 '12 at 12:54

BlGr: in other words: with a perfectly still tripod drifting voltages may accumulate until IS gets the signal to do something. And when IS 'does something' when the camera is on a tripod it often goes wrong. When hand movements are present they dominate.

All explanations may be correct and the effects can strengthen each other.

But I'm no expert anyone?

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