Focusing MF Lenses

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Re: Focusing MF Lenses

glassJoe wrote:

... does the same hold true for the viewfinder of the D500? Do you prefer it to full frame?

The D750 is much easier to manual focus for me than the d7100. Perhaps it's due to D750 screen is Mark III, D7100 is Mark II and D750 is 100% coverage, D7100 is 94% I don't know but in real world use D750 beats D7100 for me.

F.e. here are some BIF pics with a manual focus 100mm lens on the d750. There is no way in hades I could have got these with the d7100. What's more, these BIF shots are from the first time ever using this lens, which shows D750 has a nice viewfinder for manual focusing.

saaber1 wrote:

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