Hello Nikon, my old friend....

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Hello Nikon, my old friend....

Hi, it's me contemplating to switch after another bout of frustration with video shooting experience with my Nikon D750, again thanks to the appalling video autofocus, lack of in body stabilisation, lack of focus peaking , lack of support from stabiliser manufacturers.

So, I spent a whole day trying out the Sony A7RII and the Fuji XT2.

The A7RII, well, this was actually my 2nd time testing it, it gave good result on the technical side, thanks to eye AF, better liveview AF, IBIS. But the user experience was frankly, hell. All of the buttons were small and barely protruding enough for me to press them, even without gloves, the body was too small, barely big enough for me to wrap my whole hand on the grip, and I have pretty small. And the worst thing about it was the back,screen, it was so small, ugly, laggy and dim. It really just sucked the fun out of me when I was testing it.

The photos and videos are, well, again technically, good. The photos are really really sharp, but there's just something about the look that I don't like when compared to the Canon 6D and the Nikons that I've used and it's not just the green cast. It's the "clinical" sharpness look and harsh colors transition.

Now, for the Fuji XT2, is well, a different story. I can understand why people fall in love with Fuji. I can understand that people can find the analog controls fun but personally I much prefer the simple no BS approach that Canon and Nikon have when it comes to ergonomics.

I've found the user experience to be quite pleasant, actually even better than my D750. The camera felt much nicer in the hand than the A7RII, everything was fast and responsive, both the screen and the EVF were bright, beautiful, with very high refresh rate, with beautiful colors.

The Fuji XT2 might not have the massive amount of megapixels as the A7RII, but I really digged the look of the files that came out of the XT2, they really had this characters them, and I'd frankly say that straight out of the camera, the I preferred the look of the Fuji files over my D750, although my clients who usually prefer the really soft dreamy, romantic look might have different opinion, and ultimately I can achieve the same look with my D750 in post.

My only gripes with the the XT2 is that the grip is really shallow, I much prefer the grip on the D750, and that it's a crop sensor, although Fuji has really fast crop lenses that compensate for the crop factor somewhat, but it's still not full frame.

Overall, it was not enough for me to give up my Nikon and go through all those hassles and expense to switch. I'm not ready to give up my Nikon ergonomics, which just work, beautiful realistic colors, soft color transition, and the OVF (Even the EVF on the XT2, which was great, I really liked it, but still it gave me this uncanny valley feeling compared to OVF, and I don't think I'll be able to see anything if I intentionally underexpose for flash work, thought someone might correct me on that as I've never really used any mirrorless camera with flash)

So, here I am, for the 3rd time, back to my Nikon.....hoping for future Nikon DSLR with working video autofocus and IBIS.....

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