Calibrating computer monitors?

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Re: Calibrating computer monitors?

hemp0matic wrote:

A couple of questions.

Why? Are computer monitors that far off? I have a Macbook Pro, and it sure looks correct to me.
What do you calibrate it TOO? And since your calibrating on your computer, how do you know when it's correct?
Other than pros that require perfection for magazines like National Geographic editing using 5K monitors, who needs to have their monitor calibrated?


Color is a complex issue.


  • Part is the settings of the camera.
  • Part is the software environment and container of an image. (google adobeRGB v sRGB).
  • Part is the accuracy of the hardware/wires,etc....
  • Part is the display/monitor.
  • Part is the lighting of your environment.
  • Part is the subject of the image.
  • Part is the eyes of the viewer (kids can see more color than older folks).

When you play guitar, how important is having every string in tune?

Professional colorists (for video as video is a bunch of images and having images look different from shot to shot is very noticeable in video) edit in a studio where the ambient light is carefully controlled, among all other efforts (calibration, etc).....Hollywood movies usually have different people and even different firms helping to edit various parts of a film. Having a standard of look is critical. Just like having everyone in tune in an orchestra.

Again, maybe for you, it may not seem critical. Of course different display have different ranges of performance, so your Kmart brand guitar might not sound as nice (even if tuned) than a good brand.

It would be interesting to construct a series of test images [to just demonstrate usefulness of having good colors] with text that would be only seen if certain parts of the monitor were calibrated well (such is probably somewhat the process you did in the settings).

*also important to note is some Apple products have a default software setting that adjust depending on time of day, etc. changes display settings. I've seen complaints that it isn't well implemented. Some might want to be alert on this issue.

Also I've seen people that didn't think they cared about color much, but did spend a bit of time editing their photos. After their display died and they purchased another, they noticed the time spent on images to make the colors look nice on the old one might not have been the best in consideration of what their new display showed.

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