Is DMC-GF7 silver (with lens 12–32 mm) a good starting point, or should I consider something better?

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Is DMC-GF7 silver (with lens 12–32 mm) a good starting point, or should I consider something better?


I'm new here, and I picked this site to ask my question, as there were a good comments on forums. Currently, I’m searching for the right starting camera for family, or hobby, or on holidays shooting.

In past I had been using low-quality compact camera. And, currently I’m using a smartphone (Huawei Nova) to take shoots, which performs much better, than low-quality compact. And, I’m not experienced photographer at all.

I have decided to go into MFT, because I value user’s freedom, therefore I want to support universal standard and don’t contribute to “vendor lock-in” - vendor specific mounts (I might be wrong about this, it’s just subjective feeling about this).

Shooting conditions:

  • mostly sunny weather, or in-door,
  • sometimes cloudy, or dusk,
  • occasionally night.

I plan to use camera to:

  • primarily, capture family life (home, trips,...) with kid(s) - video and pictures,
  • secondarily, capture beautiful scenery on hiking, or on trips,... or on wandering around, as mind-relaxing hobby to shut-down my mind (I’m informatician) and focus on nature’s beauty,
  • make photos of plants (details of bloom/blossom with blurry background) for yard-sale/eshop of my relative.

My requirements:

  • 1920x1080 60p video capture (I watched 60fps videos online, and it’s great - such smooth movement),
  • good stabilization, because I’ve got quite shaky hands :-/
  • cheap start, as I’m conserving money for base capital for mortgage, but I want to have something decent to make shoots, and to start hobby,
  • quite compact and light to carry on trips, hiking,...
  • potential for upgrade, if I pick photography as a serious hobby.

I’m willing to make some compromises, as things can’t be cheap and great at the same time,... But, I’m seeking for advice, whether it’s a good start, or not.

Options I find interesting:

  • 400€: Panasonic LUMIX DMC-GF7 silver with 12–32 mm lens,
  • 600€: Panasonic LUMIX DMC-G7 strieborný with lens LUMIX G VARIO 14–42 mm (F3.5–5.6) II ASPH Mega OIS,
  • 600€: Olympus E-M10 Mark II black/black + 14–42 mm II R (I don’t like it being all black,...),
  • 700€: Olympus E-M10 DZ black/black + 14-150 II, but no FullHD 60p :-(,
  • 700€: Olympus E-M10 Mark II silver/silver + ED 14–42 mm EZ.

As I’ve mentioned above, I’m conserving money for different important needs, therefore I would like to go with the cheapest route - Panasonic LUMIX DMC-GF7 silver with 12–32 mm lens.

But, if there are strong reasons to go with something different, I’m open to consider it. As I don’t want to regret my decision, that I could have had spent 200€ more and get something much better,...

Kind regards,

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