X-H1 - "Theoria Apophasis" aka "Angry Photographer" was wrong about FUJI And IBIS and Touchscreen.

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X-H1 - "Theoria Apophasis" aka "Angry Photographer" was wrong about FUJI And IBIS and Touchscreen.

Ken Wheeler (Theoria Apophasis/Angry Photographer) made many claims about a year ago

Some of his claims

  • "There isn't going to be any in body image stabilization in the next Fuji or the Fuji after that."
  • Because IBIS would require the sensor to move, he claimed the mount would have to be bigger, and re-designed.
  • If the mount is redesigned, the lens would have to be re-designed.
  • He claimed the president of Fuji said it IBIS causes issues with image rendition.
  • He claimed the president also stated it they would have to redesign all their mounts and all their lenses.
  • IBIS causes design issues.
  • If FUJI had announced IBIS in the x-t2 he wouldn't have bought it, because of all the issues.
    • The power requirements of a touchscreen would be so great a new larger battery would be required.
    • He claimed many times that anyone who thought IBIS could be included in the FUJI X mount was somehow less intelligent, "mental midgets"

    I think what gets me is he always makes these claims with a superior level of certainty that often is not warranted. It would seem Fuji brokes the rules of physics to fit IBIS and a touchscreen into their X system without making a larger mount, larger lenses, and a larger battery.

    Of course, since a touchscreen and IBIS would be such a detriment to a camera, he won't be getting an X-H1. He is going to put them on blast right? He's gonna let them know how much he doesn't want IBIS and all the image problems it will bring. right?..... right????? right????

    WRONG!!!! But he's not a fanboy.. and he always knew that when they said they couldn't do IBIS they actually could, but the rest of us... the rest of us were mental midgets a year ago for thinking the same.

    Fujifilm X-H1
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