Best beginner camera for night time cityscapes

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Re: Best beginner camera for night time cityscapes

Michael1000 wrote:

PhotoTeach2 wrote:

Michael1000 wrote:

I would get the Nikon D3400 with kit lens brand new at $499. It's a no brainer. APS-C sensor so pretty good in low light. Kit lens is better than average for a kit lens, and it has vibration reduction, so can be hand held with longer night exposures. Sensor ranks very high by DXOMark and

It is a "no brainer" because it is a "stupid" camera. No options/features what-so-ever compared to a ML like FZ-1000.

You are gonna say $500 is better spent on a 27-82mm-EFL @ f/3.5-5.6 compared to 25-400-EFL @ f/2.8-4 ???

A camera that does not even have auto-bracketing, or HDR, (nor Multiple-Exposure, Time-Lapse, PANORAMIC, HandHeld NIGHT-shot, 4K-video, etc. ???

Not to mention the ability to SUN-light fill-flash to 17+' and "zebras" to optimize exposure via ETTR ??? (and instant IMAGE-REVIEW after exposure)

Nor FULLY-articulated LCD and 5-axis Image-Stabilization ???

I am sorry, you could not GIVE me a D3xxx, (or any dSLR for that matter after I have seen/enjoyed the additional options & features of ML that are NOT POSSIBLE on dSLR because of their "mirror" limitations).

I'm sorry. I was responding the original poster and his/her needs, not yours. If you want something different go for it. The OP said he/she's primary goal is night shots, and a budget of $500. You go with the biggest sensor if you want the lowest noise. So far I am the only person to meet the budget goal of $500.

Well of course I do have to AGREE with you if that is the OP's ONLY priority, (albeit I do admit that he indeed only specified that as is only priority).

But since he can't "hand-hold" night/city exposures, he will need a tripod and therefore does NOT even need AF lenses so he can indeed save even more.  (and if he wants used, he can probably even get-by with  an original D3000)

He can get a used D3000 for about $100, and then he only needs a 16mm "manual" focus / non-AF lens.

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