24-70 f4 is or 24-105 f4 II dilemma

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Re: 24-70 f4 is or 24-105 f4 II dilemma

maboleth wrote:

Thanks a lot for your thorough review!
Indeed, I've read on several places that people could hardly distinguish the difference between 24-70 f4 and f2.8 II on 24mm and 70mm. On other focal lengths It was softer, but not THAT much softer. Considering the price and size, it seemed worth it.

That's it then, I will go for 24-70 f4 and use primes for the 70-100. I do have 5div now, so want the best possible IQ and convenience that I can currently afford.

P.S. Maybe, just maybe, you had a faulty 24-105ii copy? Not urging myself to like the lens at all, but I did read several reviews where some people praised new 24-105 while others were somewhat disappointed or feeling meh.

TDP shows the 24-105II to be better at all FL's I tried.

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