GX9 - fashionista EV wheel?

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GX9 - fashionista EV wheel?

There seems to be a fashion accessory that appears on many cameras.  It seems that manufacturers think that tha fixed EV wheel is some sort of particualr benefit to the camera user.

The only one that I can see is that the user can see what the EV setting is whist the camera is switched off.

In fact the EV control seems to have come the full circle since digital.  As something of little consequence in early digital cameras - hidden away and hard to access it has gradually moved to the forefront of controls as being truly valuable (as it is).

But all my (modern digital) cameras make changing EV very easy and intuitive by wheels.  The EV rating is shown clearly on any camera just as soon as it is switched on and can be changed in microseconds.

On the G9, for instance it is live on the rear wheel and a simple twirl will get you anywhere EV in the blink of an eye far quicker than mechanically rolling a slower dedicated wheel and checking the set value on top of your camera.  The status panel of the premium G9 body can always tell me what my EV setting is but the camera need to be switched on to find out.  However I have not reverted to my old dslr habit of needing to use the status panel and must try and make some effort to use it.  The fact is that we already have evf and lcd readouts that tell us all these things and a status panel is only really necessary on old dslr bodies where the ovf was a poor substitute for the “information overflow” of an evf or lcd.

The status panel seems to be a device so that you can pretend to yourself and others that your camera might just be a dslr as much as a RF camera must cast some sort of allusion back to traditional RF Leica shape.

So I can also have a small dig at a status panel essentially there to make ex-dslr owners feel at home.  But I would hardly say “scrap it” as I might even feel the utility value of it in time (but I will have t work at it because I have not really used it thus far).

However the necessity for a dedicated EV wheel bemuses me.  Why?  Whys add a further complication to controls when such complication is not necessary?  I can only think that it is a fashion statement.  All truly fashionable rangefinder bodies have one - next to another wheel that shows all the available shutter speeds on a mechanical dial.  Methinks retro gone mad.

It could be seen that it is only “Pretend that it might work without a battery”

Trying to think “why-useful” I can see that perhaps some have EV setting as being cancelled back to zero at each switch off and they might need a quick easy-seen over-ride control - that would make sense. However I always set my cameras to option “remember last EV setting used” - so I hardly need a dial for this.  Furthermore if my EV at switch-on is not satisfactory - it only takes moments to correct.  Even a pre-set EV on a dial is not necessary correct as I suppose that wise shooters that are not utter experts always check the EV before or soon enough after the shooting starts whether or not the dial is preset.

So if we are provided with a dial then so be it - I am not necessarily saying that it should be thrown away but more interested in why it is not just a retro fashion accessory.

I am sure that G9 users at least will not miss the lack of a dial just to set the EV.

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