X-H1 fifteen minute hands-on

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X-H1 fifteen minute hands-on

I got to handle an X-H1 at a local store yesterday. These are some initial impressions. I currently use an X-T1 and enjoy its smaller size over other DSLRs I've used in the past (D7000). Size and weight are clearly factors for me.

Larger grip: I didn't care for it, but I can see how others would. It was just a bit too large for comfort. Something between the X-T1/T2 and this size might have been ideal. But if you use a grip extension on the X-T1 or T2 today, I can see where this will be much better for you.

Added weight. To me, it was noticeable. Again a preference thing. I mostly noticed it if, for example, I was poking at menu settings on the touchscreen with my left hand and supporting the camera only with my right. Probably a confluence of the too-large-for-me grip and the weight made it unwieldy.

Touch screen. I have not used one on the T20 or E3, so this was my first experience with a Fuji touchscreen, and I wasn't impressed. There was an overall lag to it. Maybe it was pre-production software; not sure. These days I was expecting smartphone-like responsiveness from the screen, and it wasn't there. There was a noticeable delay between when I touched a point and the focus moved. And, it was too far away physically for me to use it to move focus with my thumb while looking through the viewfinder. It did seem more responsive during review of shots.

Exposure compensation button. I use the dial for this on my X-T1 a lot, so this was another point of contention with the ergonomics of this camera and me. With my eye to the viewfinder, I had trouble finding the button at first, but then got the hang of it. But, the combination of move finger to button, hold it, move thumb to wheel, spin, was too much gymnastics for my 15 minute test. I hated that combination on my old Nikons, and don't like it here either. I seem to only be able to manage it if I pull my eye from the viewfinder and look at what I'm doing. I wonder if there's a menu setting to make changing the compensation easier somehow?

IBIS. It was pretty awesome. With the non-OIS 16mm on the camera, I could physically wiggle my hands around and the view stayed rock-solid. I got some shots at 1/3 sec that were acceptably sharp, without trying hard. With practice people will be able to do some great things with this.

Shutter release button. Very sensitive, but not in a bad way. Only took a minute or two to adjust and not take any accidental shots, and the added responsiveness will probably help certain kinds of photography.

Viewfinder. I didn't think to do a direct comparison with a T1 or T2, but it looked really nice. And no blackout that I recall when shooting a burst (and the bursts were crazy fast).

LCD panel  I'd rather have had the exposure compensation dial. But the panel looks good, and is very configurable. For example, in the store I moved my exposure compensation setting to the top item in one of the rows that display a larger font.  But I really haven't missed one of these on my X-T1 . . .  I don't get why it has returned.

Autofocus. I didn't really get to stress it, but it was clearly faster than my X-T1 (but that's not a high bar these days)

In the end I'm thinking this isn't the camera for me. I love some of the new functionality and the IBIS, but the ergonomics are a turn off. Every time I've increased camera size (from D50 to D90 to D7000) I've done so grudgingly. But I think now the T1 has spoiled me, and spending $1900 on a camera that isn't ideal is a stretch. It might be the case that I'd have to rent an H1 for a week or so and see if I adapted. Or, I could be happy that I'm not super-tempted by this, save my money for now, and wait to see what comes next!

I'd definitely recommend trying one in person if you can!

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