DPR Pixel2 Review - 1/2.5" sensor STACK 9X = near M43 quality

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RV pics from my Canon S100

PhotoFactor wrote:

Wayne Larmon wrote:

PhotoFactor wrote:

Wayne Larmon wrote:

This morning I went through an RV show that was in one of my local malls. Because my wife and I have been sort of interested in RVs, I toured one that was in the ballpark of the kind we had been considering. Because I don't use a smartphone (yet) I took pictures of the interior with the Canon S100 that I always carry in my coat pocket.

Because I have shot 100% raw since 2003, I had ten raw files that needed converting. I first tried using BreezeBrowser to extract the JPEGs from the raw files. Um, not good enough because they were only 1600x1200 and I wanted to be able to zoom in. I then used BreezeBrowser to batch convert the raw files. BB uses a very generic raw converter that doesn't apply lens correction. Ugh. Because I used the widest angle of the lens, the images had way too much barrel distortion.

So I fired up Photoshop and used ACR to convert all ten images. ACR took care of the lens distortion but I needed to do a fair amount of fiddling to fix WB and push and pull shadows and highlights. And then do noise removal because of the extensive tweaking.

I'm tired of doing this. I want to let the camera to do this. As we have seen in this thread, conventional cameras' "auto" is often just not good enough. Google's computational photography is past the tipping point as far as I am concerned. For many kinds of images.

I'm still going to use my brand new Canon M6 system (and my Canon 6D and L lenses) when it is convenient to do so. But I expect that the Pixel 2 will get a lot of use.

Thanks for everybody's help.

Congrats on the phone purchase. Let us know in this thread how you like it once you get a chance to take some pictures.

I went back to the RV show and took more pictures, this time with my Pixel 2. Here they are, on Google Photos. These are all Pixel 2--I didn't include any of my Canon S100 images. I uploaded them at full 12 megapixel resolution. Google Photo lets you zoom to 100%. (Desktop version, click on a photo and click on the "+" magnifying glass. Mobile needs to pinch-zoom, I think.)

I think they came out pretty good, bearing in mind that none of the RVs had power (at the far edge of the mall parking lot), so all the light was the light that came in through the windows. It was pretty dim. The images stand up to 100% view.

I didn't do any PP; they are all OTC. Which is what I increasingly want. Computational photography rocks.


Those look pretty good Wayne! Thanks for posting. Glad to see the phone is working well for you.

I made a Google Photos album of the above-described S100 images.  There are two versions of each image.  One that was extracted from the camera (equivalent to an OTC JPEG) and a 2nd that was processed with ACR and Photoshop.    Some of the ACR ones were cropped.

The extracted JPEGs are lower resolution than the ACRed ones, because...Canon.  If I'd known that I was going to be doing a comparison I would have shot RAW+JPEG.

This album isn't strictly comparable to the one shot with the Pixel 2 because the RV I shot with the S100 was inside the mall and also had its internal lighting on, so the S100 had a lot more light to work with.  But I still needed to wrestle with ACR/Photoshop for most of the images to manually do tone mapping.  This struggle was one of the reasons I got the Pixel 2.

I haven't had time to do a proper Pixel 2 + conventional camera(s) comparison shoot.  When I have time and the weather cooperates I'll try to do one that doesn't involve RVs.   A few years ago I was calibrating myself for camera scanning 35mm film negatives and I did a bunch of shoots with a digital camera and two or three cameras loaded with different film stocks.  Pixel 2 + Canon M6 should be a cake walk compared to that.


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