Lions & Tigers & Cheetahs & Lemurs (70-300)

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Lions & Tigers & Cheetahs & Lemurs (70-300)

Dusted off the old FE70-300mm G lens for my Disney World trip at the beginning of the month, as it's still the convenient travel zoom compared to the 100-400mm which requires a large bag or holster - the FE70-300mm when compacted can still fit in a small shoulder bag along with a few other lenses, and of course, it is a fantastic and sharp lens, so it's no real penalty to shoot with it.

The one day I bring the big telephotos with me is to visit Animal Kingdom park, especially for the safari truck ride which is always fun for the challenge of shooting from a bumpy, ever-moving vehicle, and with the animals being free-roam without fences, the settings and surroundings generally look nice and natural.  You never know if they'll be awake, moving around, in the shade, etc...I guess that mimics the real world out on a safari in Africa, so kudos for the realism there (I try to tell that to disappointed guests who say 'hey, where are the lions?').

And because I don't have enough shots of just the cats, I decided to throw in a few other friends, including the adorable lemur.  Because who doesn't love a lemur?

All shots posted at 1400 pixels on the long side if you click the originals:

This was an adorable, and quickly growing, tiger cub...sitting in the shade under some bamboo trees.  I liked the odd lighting and diffused look that the thick, greasy, fingerprint-smeared glass separating me from the tiger created...sometimes optically poor glass can be interesting!

Little man got up, turned around, and started keeping an eye on his brother, who was sneaking around behind him like he might try a sneak-attack play

Up on her rock, hanging out and surveying her lands...the lovely lion of Africa

She looks very proud of herself...and confident like a queen

Closeup view from around the corner a bit

From the other side of the rocks, you get more of a backlit look, and I used a a low-key lighting style by metering a bit more of the highlights

Or you can go the other way with backlighting - and expose more for the shadows - when she got up to walk around to the other side of the rocks

It was cool to see the cheetahs up and walking around - they're usually asleep or lying down with just their heads up, way back in the shadows.  It was cooler weather that day, and all of the animals were a bit more frisky

It wouldn't ever face me so I could get a beautiful portrait - but I got a touch of that golden yellow eye in this one frame

Standing in the middle of the road for a while, these springbok eventually moved off to the side to graze on the grass.  I guess it belongs in this category because it's one of the things big cats eat - or try to - it's also one of the fastest land animals, with the cheetah being one of the few that's faster

And now a ring-tailed lemur, sitting on a stump.  Not sure what he was up to - but he looked cute sitting there like that

This is the classic lemur stare...with those eyes so intense

These two brown lemurs were sleeping, cuddled tight together - upper 60s was a little cooler than they're probably used to in Madagascar!

Comments, questions, and critique welcomed as always!

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