How many are waiting for 5DS Mark II?

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Re: How many are waiting for 5DS Mark II?

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However, the 5DS and 1DS lll do have a lot in common as studio niche bodies.

I never saw the 5D III as a replacement for the 1Ds III which I had for 5 years.

As I mentioned earlier, it was discontinued and replaced by the 1DX. No more "S" in the 1D series. The 5D lll did not replace it, however, it was more of a rival for the 1DS lll or the closest match at the time. You can find the 1DX replacement information just about anywhere... including this site, Wikipedia, zdnet, etc.

Here is just one link of many:

And as I mentioned earlier, that was Canon PR (aka spin/lies/untruths). The 1DX was NEVER a replacement for the 1Ds III. The 1DX was the next step in the 1D series, with a high frame rate and a relatively low resolution (even lower than the 1Ds III, which makes the idea of it being the replacement a complete nonsense). Canon may have spun it as the replacement for the 1Ds III so people would stop asking for a 1Ds IV (which they could not produce at the time - they didn't have the ability to make a higher resolution sensor then), and possibly to explain it being full-frame instead of APS-H.

Canon lying about the 1DX replacing the 1Ds III doesn't make it true. It may mean that they can't produce another 1Ds without looking a bit silly, sadly.

However, I think they have proved (with the 5Ds/r) that their high-resolution market is willing to accept a 5D series body instead of a 1D series body. Pretty much what Nikon found with the D800/e - guess that's why we didn't see an x variant of the D4 or D5 (the D2x and D3x being Nikon's equivalents of the 1Ds).

I totally agree with your analysis. I never felt let down by the smaller body of the 5D III and now 5DSR compared to the 1Ds III. In fact it was much better as it is more compact. For the next version of the 5DSR better DR would be welcome.

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