Fuji X-Raw Studio first look by Thomas Fitzgerald

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Re: Fuji X-Raw Studio first look by Thomas Fitzgerald

JamieTux wrote:

stevo23 wrote:

Acrill wrote:

stevo23 wrote:

Jpegs from the camera just don't cut it. Granularity of adjustment is terrible.

Thats your opinion.

No, that isn't an opinion, it's a fact.

Which part is a fact? Jpegs from camera do "cut it" for a lot of people and a lot of uses. Granularity of adjustment in camera is not as good as you can achieve in a third party editting application. They are not the same thing.

I suppose X RAW Studio isn't for you then, but it is for me.

Hopefully you aspire to more one day.

That's pretty dismissive and rude, do you tell the same to everyone that shot film but didn't develop at home? Or to the sports reporters at the sidelines of pro sports? News photographers? Wedding pros?

What about those guys and girls using aps-c or smaller sensors that are missing out on image quality Vs full frame and medium format?

My point is that different people have different expectations or needs, your opinions are valid but dismissing someone else's with no context or understanding of their requirements is just rude and argumentative.

Totally agree.

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