Fuji X-Raw Studio first look by Thomas Fitzgerald

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Re: Nope

stevo23 wrote:

celestialemissary wrote:

stevo23 wrote:

celestialemissary wrote:

I will use it to create presets for my Q menu in camera since it's easier to see and make changes on desktop and that is it...

I don't copy. It's for developing files I thought. You can use it to change settings in your camera?

Yes you can.
I will make many different version of same file on desktop and later use the settings I liked best in camera and make q menu based on that.

24" screen vs 3"

I did that already and with a 27" screen. I just didn't have my camera tethered to it my computer. I didn't have to change the settings to plug it in because I just used my SD card to read the files in Lightroom. There's no advantage, it's just novel.

Lightroom doesn't do the same job as the camera in creating jpegs (and lots of threads on this form state that it's not as good for various reasons).

There's also a direct comparison of onscreen changes and potential in camera changes, Lightroom doesn't offer this either, so there's 2 differences there

This software is just interface for incamera converter. I don't know what some of you thought it would be.

What some of us had hoped for and wanted it to be, and have been waiting for years...is a decent replacement of the SilkyPix program that is so clunky and useless. Some of us had hoped that Fuji, like no one else could, would finally come up with that one stellar raw converter that actually does the best job of all on Fuji files.

That would be great!  Maybe this can be a stepping stone towards that.  In some ways it is that too, a raw converter that uses the camera settings when it converts, plus you can change a whole batch in the same way at once.

For individual file manipulation (rather than conversion) a lot of people will already have a workflow.  Like you I use Lightroom, but as I don't use the subscription version I would need to add a new raw converter *somewhere* in my workflow if I get a new camera.

Instead, it's just the weirdest idea to come onto the scene and seriously not worth the time and effort. It's the camera all over again, doing the mediocre job that it always has done when converting raw files to jpeg with the splotchy noise reduction and limited adjustment capability.

For you

For someone that doesn't want to buy additional software or that likes the in camera output but wants to understand settings or batch change something after capture (or that just loves the Fujifilm jpegs) it makes a lot of sense.

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