Focusing MF Lenses

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Re: Focusing MF Lenses

Yes I found d750 much more helpful to see focus than d7100. Very bright viewfinder.

Assuming you don’t want to use live view (I would use it when u have stationary subjects and have the time to focus via live view), what works for me is prefocus on where you expect the moving subject to be. You can focus on anything in the area before the subject is there. Then when the subject is anywhere in the frame but in that area of focus you can take the shot. In other words with AF you have to have the little red box(es) on the subject, but with manual focus all you have to worry about is when the subject enters or leaves the area of focus the subject can be anywhere in the frame

Second I would echo what was said above about aperture being small enough (size, not #) So you have a reasonably wide depth of field. If you are shooting stationary targets in live view, sure shoot at f/2 or whatever. But for things moving around give yourself some room for error.

Third I would suggest developing your peripheral vision to see the green dot. I can’t remeber if d7100 has arrows and a dot or just a dot. If you learn to see the changes in the focus dot (f.e. Left arrow to dot, dot to right arrow) with your peripheral vision the. You don’t have to look at the dot/arrows at all. You can keep your eye on the subject. Practicing speed reading is an easy way to develop peripheral vision.

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