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Raymond Wave wrote:

glassJoe wrote:

I have a several vintage Nikon lenses that I would love to use more frequently, however I find they are just too difficult to focus accurately on my D7100 using the optical viewfinder. I did have third party split focusing screen installed for a while which was helpful, but got in the way when using auto lenses.

Anyone have a good technique for MF lens focusing through the viewfinder? I'd rather not fool with live view and magnification, it just seems too tedious.

For people using both DX and FX bodies, does having the bigger FX viewfinder help at all?

It's not the most convenient way, but live view works best. I don't know if D7100 can quick zoom to 100 % by pressing OK button, but this is possible with D750 and it helps a lot when you need to quickly check focus. I get a lot of keepers this way.

Other way is using the focus dot inside viewfinder, I take it that D7100 has it. It doesn't work well below f2.8 due to dot just appearing when it isn't yet in focus, but you can kind of focus back and forth a few times to find the middle point between those two arrows. But I've found this method quite difficult and I like to shoot f1.2-2 even with my MF lenses.

Relying on viewfinder only doesn't work imo.

What Raymond has said, but I'll add one more, is that unless I really wanted to shoot say f1.2, I would normally shoot say f5.6 and above, to get larger DOF- sometimes even f8- less demand on having the focus exactly spot on. The caveat is that most of the time I'd need my flash due to the small aperture. I understand this isn't for everyone but I find this works well for me.

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