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AND a few more elk images as to Re: question when comparing...

AvyMan wrote:

Hi Don,

Beautiful photos of these bulls, as well as the pair in your opening post--especially when clicking on Fullscreen (up next to Close gallery).

When comparing the 2nd & 3rd shots I was trying to see if these were of the same animal. Their markings are pretty similar but hard to tell. Slightly different light and angles can make hair patterns look different even if it's the same animal.

I ask because if it's the same bull, you captured a rare moment. The one in #3 looks to have already shed one of his antlers and you might have gotten him right when he did. If #3 still has both antlers they are in perfect alignment to make it look like only one in this profile. Great shot either way.

Animal behavior after the rut changes dramatically from what it is during the rut, and with associated biological changes all of these bulls will soon lose their fine antlers until next fall.

Great shots of them in their snowy environment. Thanks for sharing.


Nick those are the same two bulls, the bull you see only the legs of in the one shot went up the hill first while the other was hiding in the mahogany. Note to tell them apart in OP image: bull on left is 5 point with 3rd point broke off, the one on right is 6 point with 5th point broke off.

at any rate here are a couple more earlier in the day and across the ridge-line, the lighting was a little dim with clouds overhead, dark subject and bright snow.

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