Reading Lightroom catalog without lightroom

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Re: Reading Lightroom catalog without lightroom

absquatulate wrote:

oscarlloydjohn wrote:

I am using a lightroom catalog to organise all of my photos, including ones I take in school photography lessons (stored on an external drive) - is there any way for me to view my LR catalog (just the previews) with the ratings and tags ect without having the Lightroom program installed on the school computers?

The school computers have bridge, illustrator, acrobat and photoshop but not lightroom. I could probably have an application on my external hard drive (where the catalog is also) and launch it on the school computers. Any ideas?

If I can't use software, is there any way for me to publish/export the catalog which allows me to view a big list of photos? At the moment they want us to use powerpoint to make a "digital sketchbook"

I mean I could just screenshot the whole catalog and print it out but that is a massive pain. All I need is for my teacher to see my work organised.


Capture 1 can read lightroom catalogues, so if you download the 30 day trial you should be able to do the necessary, its got to be worth a try.

I tried LRviewer but it won't read the catalog as it is no longer updated unfortunately. I'll try Capture One in a min

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