What are some good film cameras that not many people talk of?

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Re: What are some good film cameras that not many people talk of?

manueljenkin wrote:

Never knew the Epson v600 was this cheap. I thought of it as a slight step down from v800. It does produce great results from the images I saw earlier.

Any specific reasons for recommending the yashica mat. I did see the mat and diacord, but for some reason felt swaying to the Minolta. Minolta seems to be built better. And also I have grown to be a Minolta fanboy over the past couple of months - you could guess that from the list in the original post. So I'm thinking of getting it. Just want to make sure there is no other problem associated with it. It goes for about 200 bucks - way less than a Rollei. I'll try to make up my budget for one of these tlr + Epson v600 once I finish my other 3 lens + a7 camera purchase.

I have to look at film sheets as well. I liked fuji pro 400h, reala and Kodak portra. Would love your input on that. that. Not into black and white yet. Ill first learn colour properly then try black and white. And thanks a lot for all the guidance. The internet is a beautiful place.

The only reason to recommend the Yashica is that you may get it in a rather unused condition. The Minolta TLR is apprx. 20 years older, therefore the likelihood to get a worn and almost dead copy is much higher. Both are Japanese Rollei clones of rather good quality.

I am a Minolta fanboy as well, using Minolta SLRs and lenses since the early 1980's. Meanwhile I have the complete set of Minolta SLR's of all existing series and a lot of lenses (both MF and AF) as well. Even on my last Minolta developed DSLR which has been already sold as Sony I am only using Minolta AF lenses.

Film recommendations are always somehow difficult as this is primarily a matter of taste. Some folks prefer the Kodak colors and others Fuji. I never liked Kodak. However, if you want to reach the maximum in terms of resolution then you'll barely find something better than the Fuji Velvia.

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