Calibrating computer monitors?

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Re: Calibrating computer monitors?

hemp0matic wrote:

A couple of questions.

Why? Are computer monitors that far off? I have a Macbook Pro, and it sure looks correct to me.

Welcome to color constancy .

What do you calibrate it [TO]?

I suggest D65. If you're a purist and print a lot, maybe D50.

If you mean what do you calibrate it with, I suggest a spectrophotometer.

And since your calibrating on your computer, how do you know when it's correct?

The software that comes with the spectro will usually tell you how close it was able to come.

Other than pros that require perfection for magazines like National Geographic editing using 5K monitors, who needs to have their monitor calibrated?

Anybody who prints and doesn't want to waste paper. Anybody who has two or more computer systems. Anybody who shares images with others.

I take pictures like I play guitar. I will never be mistaken for Ansel Adams or Eric Clapton.

The correlation between musical and photographic ability is well-known.


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