24-70 f4 is or 24-105 f4 II dilemma

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Re: 24-70 f4 is or 24-105 f4 II dilemma

People choose 24-105 for extra reach. Both lenses may not be vastly different on odler, lower MP bodies but the difference is striking once you mount them on 5div of 5dsr. 24-70 F4 is clearly ahead in rendering, contrast, sharpness, colors, etc. and very close to 24-70ii in all of those aspects whe mounted on 5div (5dsr would reveal bigger differences). I bought my 24-70 F4 for $600 which I think is very reasonable price for what it offers. It is quite possible that I had a ‘bad’ copy of 24-105ii that I rented but after trying 24-70 F4 I lost any desire to try another copy of 24-105ii.

Vera Cognome wrote:

maboleth wrote:

Drawbacks? Much heavier (about 200g), lesser IQ overall, greater distortion, overlapping focal ranges with my current primes and slightly higher price.

Any thoughts or insights would be appreciated, as always, you guys rock.

Every wonder why the 24-70mm f/4 was introduced at a higher price than the 24-105mm and is now priced lower than the 24-105mm f/4? That's a pretty good indication that this lens was a marketing dud. The weight advantage is certainly there (even I can see that), but whatever the actual quality advantage, Canon couldn't convince buyers that it was worth paying for.

A market failure doesn't mean it's a bad lens. At $899, it could be a great deal for you. But at the very least, think about why so many people choose the Canon or Sigma 24-105mm and what makes you different.

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