Long Term Photo Storage ?

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Long Term Photo Storage ?

Hello dear hearts and gentle people,

I am closer to 80 now than 70 and while not a total techno nerd (except to grandchildren, of course) I am challenged.

My hard drives are full and I'm wondering what to do next.  Background:

Eight years ago I had a computer built with the incredible (to me) configuration of three 1T hard drives and 8 gigs of RAM.  It has an i7 processor.  And a graphics card  --- 8 something I think.   I also had a 1T drive put in a case that plugs into the USB on the front of the computer.  When I down load from a CF card I put the photos, stored by date, using Zoombrowzer from Canon, onto two of the internal hard drives and the external.

The external drive can be stored elsewhere when I'm away.  The third internal hard drive was intended to be where, after fiddling with a photo in Elements, or someday Lightroom and Photoshop, I'd store it.  This third drive is empty as I don't use this computer for Photoshop Elements.  The little I do of that I do on my Lenovo X250 laptop, which I love!

So, reality is my laptop is were I do my photo 'stuff' and I don't do much of that.  I love taking photos, not so much cropping and adjusting light levels or color  ---  even using the 'auto' tabs.  The real pain is downsizing and saving a web version to send to others.  The other reality is my desktop with the three 1T drives is pretty much a storage unit.

This machine gets turned on three/four times a year when I download my cards from the three cameras I use (Canon 5D Mk11, 7D Mk11 and a M3)

My two internal 1T drives and the external drive are full.  So, what do I do next?

Yesterday I went to the store where I had the desktop made and find I can replace the internal and the external hard drives with 4T ones.  I can even put in SSD for the operating system and go to 16 Gigs of RAM.

Sorry to go on so long.  Partly old age.  Partly thinking the more you know what I have, and do, the better you'll be able to help and advise --- if you've read this far, lol

Do I just go ahead and replace the hard drives?  If I'm doing all that should I be looking at the Motherboard and Processor at the same time?  Or, should I just leave the computer the way it is and find a different way to store the photos long term?

I think there is a way of having an external cabinet that could have two 4T hard drives in it --- or some such.  (The reason for the second is for back up.)  Or, should I look at "the cloud" which worries me in two ways.  One is at some time the people running will mess up the files I put there, and another is loss of control -- they go bankrupt and I'm holding empty photo bag.  I also think uploading 1T of photos to start could take a month of Sundays.

Again, sorry for going on so long.  And, thanks in advance for your thoughts and advice.

Sheldon (the befuddled grandfather)

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