Long exposure hand holding techniques

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Re: Long exposure hand holding techniques

Adrian Harris wrote:

tt321 wrote:

Right. So not actually looking through the VF or LCD, just aim at a generally correct direction and keep as still as possible not bothered by the sudden disappearance of VF image. Sounds very reasonable. Must try. Thanks.

Ah no it wasn't quite that vague, I could see a couple of the brighter parts of the scene - such as light in the church tower window, but I couldn't see much else, so framing the image was impossible. But I did have the camera held very tightly to my eye/face, as I find having it pressed to my head helps steady it from small wobbles.

If my hands are free holding the camera out in front, they do tend to wobble around a fair bit!

But during the exposure the VF goes black without any visual cues, would that not make it a bit unnerving so you start drifting a bit? This is what I experience.

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