Long exposure hand holding techniques

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Re: Long exposure hand holding techniques

tt321 wrote:

With IS improving fast, people have been reporting reliable multiple second hand held exposures. I wonder what kind of holding techniques they use.

When it approaches 1 second, my holding technique is completely gone. Investigations have shown that it is because I tend to perform larger and larger hand movements when I cannot see an image to aim. Then the aim wanders off far enough to saturate the IS.

I have had over 150mm FL shots taken at 1/5s to reasonable satisfaction. But 7.5mm past a second? No way. The tele improvements are multiple stops superior to the WA improvements, mostly because absolute time approaching 1s is no-no whatever the FL.

How do you keep the aim true for a long time without visual feedback?

Visual fedback is the problem, as it generates a feedback loop where one corrects and then overcorrects, thus negating the intention. I often use a monopod, sometimes stuck out sideways to brace it against a wall.

Frankly.my approach is to imagine I'm a rock. Use whatever support is available and avoid thinking about it. Just concentrate on bracing the body using supports, back, elbows, stick, whatever, and DO NOT look through the vf. The more you want to correct, the more you'll think about correcting!

So I just grip the camera use whatever braces are available point in the right direction and fire the shutter.

Worst case scenario is to take your shoelaces tie them together end to end and one to the camera (tripod thread if poss.) and stand on the other end, pull firmly, point and shoot.

But frankly, I'm more likely to avoid handholding - brace the camera and use delayed shutter release. I's the movement firing the shutter that often ruins the shot!


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