ISO and noise --- what is your opinion?

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Re: Causation and mathematics

alanr0 wrote:

The statements in the OP of this thread are somewhat defensible after the inclusion of the word "usually", and with appropriate assumptions as to how the various auto modes operate. However I would argue that use of the word "causes" does imply a physical cause and effect which is difficult to justify without invoking all the side effects of reduced exposure and increase in brightness to compensate, associated with auto-exposure modes.

I voted for the neither/other option, because I can think of a much better statement that has less semantic holes in it:

In a camera exposure program mode where the Av and/or Tv values are automated by the camera, and ISO setting is manually chosen by the user, the camera will do everything possible in the range of allowed or possible Av and Tv parameters to create an ISO exposure index that honors the ISO setting's nominal, standard exposure index.

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