Crop/digital zoom quality

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Re: Crop/digital zoom quality

WryCuda wrote:

I can't give you data for an s7, but a typical "24MPix" image from an APS-C camera will only have about 8MPix of actual resolution. Mind you, that's pretty good and looks rather nice on a 4k screen.

I would not say that, as I think it can lead to incorrect mental models. A Bayer CFA sensor has as much maximum resolution in the luminance channel as a monochrome version of the same sensor does; it just has an unknown level of certainty of how much fine color information is in it. It would be a huge mistake to assume that the 24MP image only has 8MP of information, and make an 8MP version of the image and then show it on a 1920*1080 monitor or even a 4k monitor, which wants about 7MP. You want to resample the 24MP original directly to the displayed monitor resolution in one step. A 24MP sensor has 24MP of information, even with a fairly soft lens or a CFA and/or an AA filter, and none of it should be considered redundant.

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