Any M43 users with FujiFilm too?

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Re: Any M43 users with FujiFilm too?

Sony and Olympus shooter here. I've shot Olympus for about three years. Loved it but the past year their prices have gone into insane territory alongside only offering decent AF for tracking in their flagship model. Tracking and even C-AF in Olympus cameras outside of E-M1 II is pretty terrible. That and they decided to drop 1200.00 1.2's so you have a choice of urber expensive primes with the sensor as the bottleneck plastic fanastic primes.

Now the thing is- those cheap primes are damn impressive for what they are. If I were to suggest an Olympus set-up to someone- it would be to stick with the 1.8 's. 17, 25, 45 and 75mm 1.8 are absolute bargains for what they put out. The 75 is worth the system alone IMO. I've also owned the 17.5 .95 voigtlander, 9-18mm Olympus, 7.5 samyang fisheye, 8mm 1.8 Olympus Pro fisheye and 40-150mm 2.8 Pro with teleconverter.

I love the system but i sold if off just this past week. Moved back over to Sony as pushing for more SDOF, better ISO performance or getting decent AF became to costly of a proposition. I've also shot sony for over 10 years and ultimately- have a soft spot for those voigtlander and loxia lenses. The 17.5 Voigtlander for Olympus was a dog wide open though and weighed over a lb. The Pro's look quite nice, but somewhat kill the ethos of small and light...and then you have that price. I ultimately decided that limitations with M43 sensor was just creating more expense for me as I needed another system to do what is I wanted.

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