Best FF Canon for Astro: Which is best?

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Re: Best FF Canon for Astro: Which is best?

Astrophotographer 10 wrote:

I agree. If you have a Nikon D810a you probably have the best already. I would prefer full frame over APSc personally as the best images I have seen have almost always (with a few rare exceptions) been full frame.

I am not sure Canon has done better than the 6D. Its usually the 6D or a modded 6D that I have seen used in the best Astro/nightscape images.

D810a is right up there at the pinnacle.

As far as lenses Sigma Art 14mm F1.8 is the best wide and Sigma Art 35 1.4/50 1.4 are some of the very best.

I usually decide on gear based heavily on the images I see from others I like and what gear they used.

I doubt the 50mp Canon is at the top as its a bit noisy isn't it?


Greg and Jack,

I concur with the 810a. However when you have a number of FF Canon lenses sitting around it's a shame not to use them, hence sussing out a FF DSLR. Since I first posted my question, I've been in contact with Yun Lee who owns Centraids - in Sth Korea who does mods and sells cooled, modified DSLR's. This is the way to go.


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