24-70 f4 is or 24-105 f4 II dilemma

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Re: 24-70 f4 is or 24-105 f4 II dilemma

maboleth wrote:

I'm to a point of choosing a general purpose wide-tele lens for my work. I'd use it for lifestyle imagery and candid moments.

Currently I have 50-85-100mm primes that do the work, especially portraiture, closeups and isolated subjects.

Pure logic says, get the 24-70 f4 IS because it would be nice continuation from there with 85 and 100 macro IS. Even 50mm prime for its shallow DOF. This zoom is small and relatively light, perfect for moving and walking.

I love mine.   The macro function is also nice when walking around.   You might see something small and interesting anywhere.

I'm sure your 100 is better for macro, but to be able to shoot macro without changing lenses on a normal zoom is convenient.

I usually love having as small as possible lens that get the job done, while not sacrificing IQ, of course. It also has, based on the tests, somewhat better IQ than 24-105 and less distortion.

Since good voice says - get 24-70 and move on, what makes 24-105 II so tempting now?

Well, that 35mm extra range. I sometimes wonder whether that 70-105 would be useful on the go, when there's no time to switch lenses or if went on the field with only one lens, 24-105 that is. I assume it would also be good for portraiture on the go with 105 f4 making quite useful separation and subject isolation.

Drawbacks? Much heavier (about 200g), lesser IQ overall, greater distortion, overlapping focal ranges with my current primes and slightly higher price.

Any thoughts or insights would be appreciated, as always, you guys rock.

That's not that much heavier.   IQ and macro are the main advantages of the former.

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