Why I still love my Nikon D800/800e's

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Benjamin Kanarek
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Why I still love my Nikon D800/800e's

We all have different reasons for why we purchase what we do. Some reasons may be financial others may be dependent on what medium the image will be used in and of course, understanding that in most cases, the image will be seen on a 27" screen, if that. Perhaps on the other end of the spectrum, the images are for billboards (as I have had) that are rarely more than 18-24 dpi, as the image must be viewed from at least 3-4 meters away to be appreciated. To be quite frank, I know the output of my material and how much of an overkill my 36.3 megapixel Nikons are in most cases.

For what I do, and for the way I use my tools, I have no complaints whatsoever with the output. My only complaint has been the pain in the butt calibrating my lenses is. But once done, look out. In most cases, we add grain in post prod to the images, to make them look more analogue, less pristine or clinical. But that is a purely subjective matter. So until I can rationalise why I should get the new fangled whatever, I will use what I use, becasue it does the job and does so with panache.

So...if Nikon wants to give me a couple of D850's sure, I'll take them and use them of course. But until then, i'll use my money for other toys. For now at least. PS...Still getting a D810, just to reduce wear and tear on my other 3 bodies. When using two bodies, will shoot both bodies at 100 iso.

Here are two samples of images shot for ELLE Magazine (two different isues)  with added grain in post prod. It was published in a magazine with a 27 x 21.5 cm dimension or around 8 x 10"... Not full size!

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