XT20 vs XE2 (firmware updated) - image Quality, operation & JPEG size

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XT20 vs XE2 (firmware updated) - image Quality, operation & JPEG size

Now this is an odd comparison. I bought a heavily used XE2 for dirt cheap and a brand new XT20; did general comparisons between them (same lighting condition, same lens & same settings). Ordinary point and shoot, not a studio comparison of course. Just wondering has anyone else experienced the same and could answer my questions.

1) Image quality - XT20 is tad superior to XE2 but not by a big margin as some people say/think. I've compared 20 MP shots of XT20 with 14 MP shots of XE2 but despite of higher MP count, couldn't see 'hugely' better result from XT20.

2) Operation - XT20 is definitely faster, there is no comparison there. Especially in low light, it finds focus points way faster than XE2. BUT, after taking so many photos faster, XT20 takes few seconds to save them even after I turn off the camera..!! Now this is ridiculous. With XE2 I've never had this issue.

3) JPEG size - This is the most curious issue. XT20 JPEG file sizes are HUGE. 20 MP shots are 12-15 MB and 10 MP are 6-8 MB. In comparison XE2 JPEGs (14 MP) are 3-5 MB. With minimum image quality difference I don't understand this file size differences. Yes, I checked them 100% zoomed and I see XT20 has bit more details but it's very subtle. I'd say 5% more than XE2. But the file size difference is more than 50% more. Does anyone know why?

Note: I read somewhere XT20 buffer is too low (which explains above 2) and XT20 JPEG compression algorithm isn't on par with that of XT cameras (which explains above 3). I also read on another forum post that XT10 also has the same issue, JPEG files sizes are huge. Which is inline with above 3rd. Can it be that Fuji has put a lower grade processor in XT20 (as it's their budget offering) and put less resource hungry JPEG compression algorithm to keep up with the speed of XT2?

Curiously one of my friend who's got XE3, he complains the same thing about huge JPEG sizes. But apparently XT2 JPEG sizes are not as big (can anyone confirm?).

Just want to sell one of the two, thinking of selling XT20 obviously due to not so much for money compared to dirt cheap XE2 but not sure if I missed something here. Your input/ experience is highly appreciated.

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