OW! That's Sharp! Lenstip tests the 45mm f/1.2!

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Re: OW! That's Sharp! Lenstip tests the 45mm f/1.2!

Jan Chelminski wrote:

Sergey_Green wrote:

Jan Chelminski wrote:







Which one looks better?

Olympus 45/1.2 Pro

Sigma 135/1.8 on FF camera

Does it mean I am going to rush in and buy the second lens? - Maybe, but don't think so.

Sorry, they are a bit off in FL, I am just somewhat more used to 135mm than I would like to count on 90. Both are for the same purpose anyway, and Sigma was listed on that same page (one above) that you linked. But just compare, at f/2 on FF, f/1 equivalent on mFT, where would Olympus lens be? Ok, stop down a bit, still ... not that important for the edges, but if you must compare the eyelashes, which one would do better do you think?

Why would I look at it? I don't shoot the old 35mm format anymore, there is no need to.



Nope by that reckoning you shoot the very old 110 format

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