D850 AF-Auto fine tune

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D850 AF-Auto fine tune

Hi All,

Just purchased a D850 and decided to give the AF-Auto Fine Tune a go to see what it thought of 500 with 2x TC and 1.7x TC. The results where a little erratic, not having done any Auto AF Fine tuning before, I'm assuming user error. My setup and process was as follows:

D850 AF-S Single point, Put into Live-view, press middle of radial dial to move focus point to centre. Zoom in to max in live view. half press shutter release. When focus looks good, press the record and AF buttons and go through the screens to store the calibration info. Lens VR turned off, A/M selected on lens and wide open.

Lens mounted on solid tripod, box of breakfast cereal with small black on white writing placed about 35ft away. Focus put on the small text on the cereal box.

Here are the results of a few repeat calibrations:

Just 500mm f/4 FL VR lens:

+14 +7 +5 +14 +14 +18 +15 +14 +7 +3 +12 +9

500mm with Nikon 2x TC III:

+12 +6 +17 +3 +4 +9

500mm lens with Nikon 1.7x TC II

+11 +11 +8 +14 +13

One of two outliers I would expect, but there does seem, especially without any TC's, to be quite a lot of variation. Does anyone have an idea about how I might improve my testing technique or what might e going on.



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