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Chris Mak sigma sport


"Which lens is better optically at medium to far distance? I am contemplating the Sigma 150-600 sports, because I don't mind heavy lenses, but is it better medium to far distance, than the 200-500mm f5.6? The Tamron is out for me."

This is a continuation from another discussion

Some of the largest problems I have with lenses like these are focus shift from stopping down the lens to shifts that occur at different FL and shooting distances. Some of the newer Nikon bodies hold shift for corrections on Nikon lenses to help control some of the issues. These corrections are not something you can correct for other than a global setting.

If speaking of the easiest way to get the best IQ out of the lens then I would say the sigma along with profiling the lens with the dock. This way you have the best focus over a wider array of FL and working distance. One of the factors that can really limit the resolution you can capture is how well you have focused. One of the sharpest lenses I own is the Nikon 200-400 F4 even with the 1.4 tc it is sharper than the sigma sport, but only if I correct for the FL and the distance I am working in. This is where the sport comes in with better IQ for less work as the lens has been profiled for the distance and any FL I am using which can make the difference in the IQ you will see.

As for the 200-500 and the sport, they are so close that I feel shooting conditions and product variations are the only worries for me. I went with the sigma sport because of the difficulties I have had with AF accuracy over different working conditions with other lenses and felt that for my needs it was better that I had the option of many different focus correction.

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